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The High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore commemorated Vesak day

The High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore commemorated Vesak day by organizing a “Sangika Danaya” at the High Commissioners official residence on the 9th May, 2012.

Ven. Bellanvila Dhammaratane Thero, the Chief incumbent of The Buddhist Library of Singapore administered the Three Refuges and the Five Precepts to the assembled gathering. Ven. Thero in the main sermon spoke of the significance of the “Vesak day” and went on to explain the different merits involved in offering a Sangika Sanaya.

Buddhist Monks representing many Buddhist temples in Singapore were present. Ven Alauwe Guranathana Thero of Maha Karuna Buddhist Society in his sermon expounded the three watches that occurred in the mind of Bodhisathawa on the day of “Enlightenment”. The Thero explained “in the first watch of the night Prince Siddhartha’s inner vision became completely unobstructed; a state called the opening of the divine eye. He then turned his attention to the past and to reviewing the circumstances of his own and others’ lives stretching back over many aeons and world ages. From what he saw by doing this he concluded that in relation to himself and all other beings he had died and been reborn an incalculable number of times.
In the second watch of the night he saw beings being born, living their lives and then passing away in accordance with the indestructible law of karma, the law of cause and effect. Put simply, past deeds create certain inclinations which shape the conditions and circumstances of each individual life.
By the third watch of the night Prince Siddhartha applied himself to rooting out this suffering once and for all. He had understood the law of dependence arising and how the lives of beings were driven by the powerful force of karma and so he turned his attention to seeking the means of liberation”.

Both senior monks expounded the significance of the Danaya that was organized at the official residence of H.E Ferial Ismail Ashraff who is an Islam devotee. The former High Commissioner of Singapore to Sri Lanka in his address also commended the High Commissioner for organising a Buddhist function being a non-Buddhist and highlighted the importance of racial harmony in a multicultural society and the significance of all communities working together in celebrating all religious events.

Members of the diplomatic corps representing Buddhist countries, Members of the Sri Lankan expatriate community and the staff of the High Commission attended the event.


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