02 | 04
Independence Day Massage of Hon. Minister of Foreign Employment – Thalatha Atukorala



On the occasion of 68th Independence Day of our country, I extend my warm greetings and good wishes to all Sri Lankan citizens abroad.


Celebration of the 68thanniversary of our Independence is of special significance as it sees the progress of good governance in the country, with a new commitment to the unity of our people, to safeguard freedom and democratic rights.


Today, our country requires social, political and economic policies which would give the highest priority to needs of the people. This includes social welfare, economic progress, as well as human resource development to advance and enhance the competitiveness of our youth through the acquisition and enhancement of new skills and technology.


This celebration of freedom is the time to pay our tribute to the Sri Lankan citizens working abroad contributing significantly to development of our nation.


On this great day, as Sri Lankans, let us ensure the strengthening of peace and harmony in our motherland, to build a better environment and prosperity for our future generation.


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