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Please support the initiative of the SLBA - Singapore Sri Lanka Business Association.

For further details, please visit the below link for a detailed description of this cause


Campaign Story

The Singapore-Sri Lanka Business Association (SLBA) has partnered Ray of Hope (ROH), a registered crowdfunding platform in Singapore, in order to help raise funds that will be utilised to procure much needed covid related medical equipment that will help save lives in Sri Lanka. 100% of all funds raised will go towards the project. The equipment will be purchased in Singapore by ROH on behalf of the SLBA. In addition, Lanka Lions Cricket Club in Singapore has also partnered the SLBA to support the fundraising efforts.


All equipment suppliers in Singapore will be directly paid by Ray of Hope (ROH) who will manage, monitor and audit the financials for the project as our charity partner.


The SLBA has also secured commitments from various channel partners who will facilitate the transport, clearance and distribution of the equipment directly to the Ministry of Health (MoH) personnel in Sri Lanka. The SLBA has also made direct links with the MoH in Sri Lanka and will closely coordinate the efforts to ensure transparency for the donors.


Funds raised in this crowdfunding campaign will go towards the purchase of the following essential medical supplies (to be purchased in Singapore):

1- ICU Ventilator

Lumis 150 ST-A APAC TRI (4G), Product code: 28226 SGD 5,400.00

Philips Respironics V60 NIV machine SGD 19,500.00+7% GST

Philips Respironics V60 NIV machine SGD18,000


2- BiPAP

Philips Respironics DreamStation Bipap S/T with humidifier SGD 3,800.00+7% GST

Philips Respironics DreamStation Bipap AVAPS with humidifier SGD 4,500.00+7% GST


3- Oxygen Concentrator

Invacare Perfecto2 5L Oxygen Concentrator SGD$1,800.00+7% GST

Philips Respironics EverFlo 5L Oxygen Concentrator SGD$1,800.00+7% GST


About the SLBA:

The Singapore – Sri Lanka Business Association (SLBA) was established in 1991 by a group of professionals to promote business interest between the two countries. Our mandate is to promote bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and Singapore and to expose the Sri Lankan Diaspora in Singapore to opportunities to invest in Sri Lanka. The SLBA also provides a forum to give voice to the Sri Lankan business community in Singapore to share their professional expertise and views to support trade, investment, finance and industrial development in Sri Lanka. The SLBA has no political or ethnic affiliations and will also strive to provide a forum for fellowship and networking.


The SLBA is volunteer led and volunteer run organisation that is registered under the Singapore Registry of Societies. The elected Executive Committee comprises of professionals from a range of sectors including legal, technology, logistics, banking, aviation, hospitality, consumer and academia.


Key Contacts:

SLBA Project Lead: Angelo Perera, Former President and Advisory Board Member E:

SLBA Executive Committee Members:

Lakshanthi Fernando, President

Senaka Tiranagama, Vice President

Chamendri Weeraratne, Honorary Secretary

Dr. Lal Gunasinghe, Honorary Treasurer E:


About the Lanka Lions:

We are a Cricket Club in Singapore. All are welcome to join us and play league or social cricket. Lanka Lions created history by winning the Singapore Division One League for an unprecedented 6 consecutive years.


In keeping with our vision of “Bringing Communities Together through Sport” we offer our diverse membership opportunities to come together through cricket. Our membership includes cricketers of varying abilities ranging from international cricketers to the social cricket enthusiast.


Other events such as The Lion Ball and community outreach activities are also held to allow members to interact and contribute to worthy community activities.


About Ray of Hope

100% of your donations through Ray of Hope go to people in need. We do not take a cut from the funds. We even cover 3rd party credit card charges, if you choose not to, that other crowdfunding platforms deduct from your donation for campaigns.


100% of all campaigns are also fully verified, so you know your funds goes to real people with real needs.


We take donor accountability very seriously – with yearly audited accounts and strong governance in place to ensure that your donations is properly channeled to the beneficiaries.


Ray of Hope is a registered charity and a member of the National Council of Social Services.


Dr. Alicia Altorfer-Ong, Partnership Director E:


Campaign FAQs

1.     Why is the SLBA embarking on this fundraising campaign?

The Sri Lankan Ministry of Health has appealed to the Sri Lankan community in Singapore for assistance at this time as per the attached letter from the Sri Lanka High Commission in Singapore sent to the SLBA regarding the project. An inventory list of items required has been provided to the SLBA. All funds raised will be utilised to procure these items from vendors in Singapore.

















2.     What is Ray Of Hope’s role in this project? Fundraising in Singapore is regulated and SLBA has partnered with a Singapore registered charity partner, Ray of Hope. Ray of Hope is was founded in November 2012 and is dedicated to helping deserving individuals and families who are going through hardship, have a genuine need for help and may otherwise have no access to assistance. In this case, Ray of Hope will act as the fundraising platform, supporting the utilisation of the funds by paying the vendors directly and audit the project as a Singapore registered charity.

100% of donations will go to the crowdfunding campaign. Ray of Hope does not take a cut from the funds and will cover 3rd party credit card charges if you choose not to at check-out.


3.     Who else is involved in this project?

This is a broader appeal to all communities in Singapore and beyond. The SLBA has no political, religious or ethnic affiliations and will strive to provide a neutral platform for all. The SLBA remains open to partner with other associations that may also wish to utilise this platform to raise funds towards this common goal.


4.     Who will support the SLBA with the transport and logistics of the equipment once purchased to Sri Lanka?

The High Commission of Sri Lanka stands ready to assist with transferring any medical supplies procured in Singapore to the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka.


5.     Will Singaporeans or Singapore based residents benefit from any tax deductions for their donations?

Ray of Hope and SLBA will not be able to provide tax deductions for any Singapore-based donors as neither party is IPC accredited.


6. What type of equipment will be purchased and in what quantity?

The MoH in Sri Lanka has provided an extensive list of items. However 3 type of equipment that are available in Singapore have been prioratised and will be purchased in bulk based on the amount of funds raised. They are ICU Ventilators, BiPAP machines & Oxygen Concentrators. The equipment will have existing service/ warranty cover in Sri Lanka and will be purchased based on urgent need on the ground at the time of availability of funds.


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