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Updating to Stay-Home Notice

Sri Lanka has now been added to the list of countries by Singapore that can opt out of dedicated SHN facilities and serve their 14-day SHN at their place of residence, if they fulfil certain criteria such as:

a. Travelled to no other country than Estonia, Fiji, Finland, Japan, Norway, Republic of Korea, Si Lanka, Thailand and Turkey, in the last consecutive 14 days prior to entry; and


b. Are occupying their place of residence (i.e. residential address) alone, or only with household members who are also persons serving SHN with the same travel history and duration of SHN.


Please see MOH link below for details.


Travellers from Sri Lanka may apply to opt out of dedicated SHN facilities from 2nd November 2020 for arrivals on or after the 4th November 2020.


The MOH has further mentioned that the list of countries will be updated from time to time depending on the public health risk assessment, all travellers must be prepared to be subject to the prevailing order measures upon entry, including stay in dedicated SHN facilities and payment, where applicable.


The High Commission has continued to highlight the measures being taken by Sri Lanka on COVID-19 control to Singaporean authorities.…/updates-to-stay-home-notice-and-ch…


29th October 2020

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