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Sri Lanka High Commission in Singapore celebrates Christmas


The Sri Lankan High Commission in Singapore organised an event on the 8th of December 2013 at The Church of our Saviour to celebrate Christmas.

Ms Neetha Chandrasena, the second secretary of the mission conducted the event.

Her Excellency Ferial Ismail Ashraff, High Commissioner welcomed the guests and in her address urged the audience to while appreciating the joy of Christmas, reflect on the message of peace and love preached by Jesus Christ which would result in co-existence. She also stated that ‘’every step taken to understand another human being would result in peace’’. She made a special mention of the efforts made by all members of the mission and appreciated the togetherness of the mission staff which brings about success in all events. A special word of thanks was also offered to the church community for their participation and cooperation.

Professor. Rohan Gunaratna, addressed the gathering on behalf of the Sri Lankan community in Singapore. He spoke of harmonious living and highlighted the Sri Lankan governments’ efforts taken to reintegrate the arrested combatants in to society.

The members of the church community created the magic of Christmas with humorous stage acts, graceful dances and carolling. The Sri Lankan Catholic Community Choir added Sri Lankan flavour to the event with melodious Sinhala carols that was much appreciated.

Rev. Daniel Wee conducted a special blessing for Sri Lanka and for all present. The members of the IRO, Guests and friends of the High Commission were invited to traditional Sri Lankan Christmas cake and other refreshments. To the delight of the children, Santa Claus made a surprise visit and handed out gifts spreading the Christmas cheer.


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