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Foreign Domestic Workers Must Stay Home on Rest Day

Dear employers,


On 26 Mar 2020 and 2 Apr 2020, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) issued advisories on measures to prevent foreign domestic worker (FDW) congregations. Our inspections over the last few weeks found that crowds at common congregation areas have reduced significantly, but there remain small crowds in certain areas which pose transmission risks.


2. An elevated set of safe distancing measures is currently in place till 4 May 2020 to act as a circuit breaker to stem the local transmission of COVID-19. From now till 4 May 2020, movements and interactions in public and private spaces will be significantly reduced to lower the risk of transmission. The general public has been asked to stay home and avoid interactions with anyone other than those living in the same household. It is similarly critical for FDWs to play their part by remaining home on their rest day.


Advisory on FDW rest days


3. All FDWs must stay home on their rest day. If it is necessary for FDWs to go out to buy meals or run essential errands, they can do so but should return home immediately thereafter. They should not loiter or gather in any public spaces. Should FDWs go out on their rest day, employers will be accountable for their FDWs’ whereabouts, and ensure that they return home upon completion of errands. FDWs should wear a mask when making essential trips.


4. Employers should engage your FDWs and help them understand that these are important and necessary adjustments during this period. MOM will continue to conduct inspections on the ground. FDWs who do not cooperate could risk having their work passes revoked.


Rest day arrangements


5. Employers are also reminded on the following:

• If employers come to a mutual agreement with your FDWs for them to forgo their rest day, employers must provide compensation in lieu of the rest day.
• Otherwise, employers should not assign work to your FDWs when they are at home on their rest day.


6. We seek your continued support in working with us to overcome COVID-19.


7. Visit MOH’s website at regularly to keep yourself updated on latest developments.


Ministry of Manpower

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