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Distribution of Dry Rations to Sri Lankan students in Singapore

The Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple together with Maha Karuna Buddhist Society of Singapore, under the patronage of Ven. Dr Gunarathana Thero, and with the support of many well-wishers (Singaporean/ex-SriLankan) distributed parcels of essential dry rations to about 200 Sri Lankan students in Singapore, who are in need of such daily provisions, given the current situation amidst the COVID-19 outbreak.


The dry rations were distributed to students in the evening on Saturday, the 4th of April 2020 at Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple. The members of the management committees of Sri Lankaramaya Temple and Maha Karuna Buddhist Society as well as those, who contributed with material and financial means to the occasion, were in attendance.


The proceedings commenced with the observing of Pansil and chanting of Pirith. Ven. Gunarathana Thero, who presided over the handing over of dry ration parcels, bestowed merit on all, who contributed for this noble cause, while also emphasising the importance of practicing Dhana paramita as per the teachings of Lord Buddha, especially during difficult times.


During his sermon, Ven. Gunarathana thero invoked blessings on President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, and the Singapore Leaders, and also wished them the strength to fight against this challenge. The thero also invoked blessings on the citizens of the two countries to receive the protection and care of the Triple Gem during this difficult time.


The students were also served with dinner and “Pas Panguwa”, a traditional Sri Lankan herbal medicinal drink, known for its medicinal properties for boosting immunity.
The event was conducted adhering to the guidelines set out by the Ministry of Health of Singapore ensuring adequate distancing between participants as well as observing good hygienic practices.


The Sri Lankaramaya Temple and Maha Karuna Buddhist Society have been at the forefront in helping the Sri Lankan community in Singapore, whenever a need arises.
Around 700 – 800 Sri Lankan students are currently studying in Singapore at various technical and higher education institutions.

The High Commission of Sri Lanka in Singapore, will be supporting the Sri Lankaramaya Buddhist Temple and Maha Karuna Buddhist Society, to conduct more such programmes to support the Sri Lankan students with their daily needs in the coming weeks.


The High Commission wishes to express sincere appreciation to Venerable Dr Guneratne who continues to provide leadership for this worthy cause.


The High Commission is also making every effort to reach out to the Sri Lankan student community in Singapore via social media platforms and other means of communication in a bid to provide necessary consular assistance and welfare support during this challenging time.


Sri Lanka High Commission
7th April 2020

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