02 | 04
Hon. PM National Day Message 2019

Celebrating ‘independence’ does not necessarily mean it has been entirely achieved. Its true
meaning is realised only when all human beings in a nation achieve a state of
environmental, economic, political, social and spiritual coexistence. This demands an
organized program and collective sacrifice.


While celebrating our country’s liberation from long years of foreign rule, ‘Independence
Day’ is the ideal opportunity to inspire public discourse and social activism for a more broad
based ‘National Independence’ that transcends ethnic and religious biases.


Since being propelled into power by the people, the ‘Yahapalana’ government has
overcome countless challenges and obstacles to establish a refreshingly new social and
political culture, while taking significant steps to strengthen democracy. We are savouring
the positive results of these collective efforts, as this transformed society has already
proven its resolve to defeat anti-democratic, extremist forces.


On our 71st National Independence Day, I invite each and every one of you to join me in
building a robust economy, stable government and a prosperous nation, so that all our
citizens can enjoy the true freedom of living in a socially and politically developed society.

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