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Commemoration of the 2nd Anniversary of the President’s Inauguration in Office

In commemorating the 2nd Anniversary of the President’s Inauguration in Office, this Mission with the support of the Sri Lankan community in Singapore and Singaporean well-wishers organized a “Bodhi Pooja” at the Sri Lankaramaya Temple in the evening on 09th January 2017, to invoke blessings to H.E. the President, the country and its people.


This religious event was held with the participation of Hon. Dr. Harsha De Silva, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. the High Commissioner and the staff, and also attended by a large number of Sri Lankans representing main ethnicities living in Singapore, and a number of Singaporeans.


The Mission also arranged donating “Pirith Books” (printed in English) to the Lankaramaya Temple commemorating this occasion.


A vegetarian meal was served to all participants following this religious programme.

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